Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or most commonly known as Excel file are frequently used across different business people to display different numeric information and other relevant data for better functioning of the business. Generally Excel files consist of some of the most crucial details about the related business of project. Therefore, if due to any reason such crucial or important file is deleted due to some hasty moves on the system, then it may lead to a very catastrophic situation. Such recently deleted files can be easily recovered back by use of Recover Recently Deleted Files. This software helps users to restore recently deleted excel files in a very effortless and effective way.

Before knowing how this software helps to restore recently deleted Excel files, let’s check out some of the state of affairs that causes Excel file deletion from computer hard drive:

Accidental Deletion: Deleting any of the file from computer or laptop hard drive is one of the obvious thing. However, if the same thing happens without any knowledge or intention then it results in disastrous situation. Here, we need to understand that when we simply delete any of the Excel report from computer then it can be restored back from Recycle Bin folder. However, if the same thing is done using Shift Delete command then it results in permanent deletion of the files.

Deletion Due to Third party Software: Many a time due to malfunctioning of different installed programs on the system deletion of Excel spreadsheet may happen. When deletion happens due to third party software, then it can’t be restored back from Recycle Bin.

Deletion from Recycle Bin: When system starts to function slowly we need to get rid of different useless files from system. While trying to boost system performance if we delete some of the important Excel file from Recycle Bin, then an awestruck situation develops for users.

Other Reasons: Besides all of the above stated deletion scenarios, Excel files that are placed on computer or laptop get missing due to variety of reasons including deletion from command prompt, deletion while making data transfer and many others.

All of the Excel deletion scenarios can be reverted back by use of mentioned software. This application easily performs recently deleted Excel files recovery on computer or laptop. However urgency is required for recently deleted Excel files recovery because if the files are overwritten then it results in severe data loss scenario. One of the versions of this software can be used to find an easy solution for query like how to retrieve recently deleted emails from Outlook PST file.

By usage of this software you can recover recently erased MS Excel file of different sizes with utmost ease. If needed, you can specifically recover recently erased MS Excel file using this software. This thing must be done before scanning is triggered on the drive from where deletion occurred. Before you restore recently deleted Excel files on computer or laptop you can preview them in four different ways i.e. by file name, file size, creation date of the file, and format of the file. Any of you can make use of this software to undelete recently deleted Excel files on Mac system. For more detail about it, visit this link:

Easily Restore Recently Deleted Excel Files:-

Step 1: If any of you have accidntally deleted Excel files then simply download, install and finally launch this software's Welcome Screen as shown in Fig. 1

Restore Recently Deleted Excel Files - Welcome Screen

Fig 1: Welcome Screen

Step 2: Next chose the Logical Drive on which such instant happened and click "Next" to start scanning.

Restore Recently Deleted Excel Files - Chose Logical Drive

Fig 2: Chose Logical Drive

Step 3: When scanning is finished users can check-out the deleted Excel files, as shown in the Fig. 3.

Restore Recently Deleted Excel Files - List of Restored Files

Fig 3: List of Restored Files