How to Recover Erased Word Files

Deletion is one of the basic things that can be performed by the computer or laptop users in order to wipe out useless stuff from hard drive. But, if such action isn’t performed with presence of mind then, it is very much possible that some of the important data like Word file may get erased. When deletion is done by usage of simple delete command then it can be restored back by making use of Recycle Bin folder. However, if such action is performed by use of some combinational keywords then a very grave situation develops before users. The only possible solution for such critical circumstance is usage of Recover Recently Deleted Files that is capable to recover recently deleted word documents.

Accidental deletion is one of the most redundant reasons of word file loss from hard drive. Let’s assume one of such state of affair and detail what actions must be taken, right after data deletion happens. Suppose that your system hard drive consists of lot of bogus files which doesn’t have any more importance for you now. Therefore, in order to get rid of such files you selected those files ambiguously and placed “Shift+Delete” command (“Shift+Delete” combination key facilitates its users in removing files permanently from HDD). Later, after sometime you realized that a few of the important files are erased with junk files, thereby paving way for pitiful situation.

When any kind of deletion happens over data storage device only file pointer gets wiped out from the file system. After this is done a message is transmitted that previously owed memory space is now free for storing any new file. So, such deleted files can be rescued by use of appropriate application at right instant of time. Similar circumstance can develop because of different other reasons; a few of them are as follows:

  • Deletion from Command Prompt
  • Deletion by any Data Management Tool
  • Deletion from Recycle Bin

Any computer users must keep certain things in mind before performing any kind of location changes of Word files. A few of them are as mentioned below:

  • Always ensure that you are deleting exact file
  • Never forcefully terminate the data flow process
  • Always have proper backup of the crucial files

This software easily restores each of the word files that vary in file size from few KB to MB. Such kind of data recovery is possible because of its outstanding scanning algorithm which scans the data loss site rigorously and reports back with desired data immediately. Any user can also make use of this software to restore recently deleted files on Mac. If needed by the user's data recovery can be easily performed on categorization of file details that is name, signature, creation date and size. This auspicious software can be simply implemented over different file systems which are operating on different kind of storage devices. This software is very advantageous in different other deletion related scenarios. To know more about such scenarios, click here:

Easily perform recovery of recently deleted DOC files:-

Step 1: If any of you have accidntally deleted Word documents then simply download, install and finally launch its Welcome Screen as shown in Fig. 1

Recover Recently Deleted Word Documents - Welcome Screen

Fig 1: Welcome Screen

Step 2: Next chose the Logical Drive on which such instant happened and click "Next" to start scanning.

Recover Recently Deleted Word Documents - Chose Logical Drive

Fig 2: Chose Logical Drive

Step 3: When scanning is finished users can check-out the deleted DOC files, as shown in the Fig. 3.

Recover Recently Deleted Word Documents - List of Restored Files

Fig 3: List of Restored Files